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City is full of fans from all over the world, traffic jams can be seen from the space, calmness has left us. Everybody is asking one question: How is it possible to mix football and comfort?
That's how:
In Kostya's flat you can watch football translations in bar or in the Cabinet, with your closest friends. You can also discuss what happened on football field during a dinner in the Living room or just relax in the miraculous Tearoom in the middle of the miraculous city.
Follow up:
Good morning, world!
Start your morning with a tasty breakfast, made by our owner's collected recipes from all over the world. Dishes in the menu are like football stars: admirable and desirable for a new meet-up. You should try our owner's favorite breakfast dish - pankcakes with caramel and citrus kudre (in the photo above or famous eggs benedickt, best by the opinion of singer Manizha.
Let me try your breakfast
With luggage? In Kreutz!
If you arrive in St.P for only a day in Kvartira, we have an exciting offer for you! Leave your luggage until your depature at the maetr d'hotels.

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11C 12S 32T 64М
All matches available at Kvartira live!

Kostya is a passionate football fan, so all matches are being broadcasted in the bar of his apartment on Nevsky. Stick yourself behind the counter or in a comfortable chair and enjoy the game.

Match translations are subject to a bar deposit of 1500r./per.

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The best matches in the Cabinet

For those who want to watch decisive games with their company, there is a special offer. You can rent the Cabinet and watch the game in a comfortable indoor space, where you 100% will not meet the fans of the other team.

The cost of renting a cabinet for two hours: 10.000r. + deposit of 1000 rubles per person.

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About relaxation and impressions

Sometimes it seems that the world has gone mad? Everything is full of signs, where do not look, everywhere stands and everyone screams about one thing: Championship! Relax from football and not only, relax in a relaxed atmosphere under the stained-glass roof, drink tea, learn the game Chaupar and check your karma - all this can be done in the Tea Apartments.

For the mood!
The whole atmosphere of the next month:
To be aware of our "non-football" events, catch the next newsletter!
See you at the Apartment :)
Information and reservation
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Flat №8 located at Nevskiy 71, entrance through the arch from Marata street